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Hi! I am a psychologist, specialized in social research methods. I work at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University. I am also a member of the Netherlands International Graduate School for Psychometrics and Sociometrics (IOPS), which is a collaborative network of many Methods & Statistics Departments, mostly in Europe.
In 1990 I spent four months at the Department of Psychology at UCLA as a Fulbright scholar. Los Angeles was nice enough to stage a small earthquake during our stay, so I can really say I experienced L.A.!
Currently, I am chair of the Netherlands Organization for Social-Methodological Research (NOSMO).

This is my Ph.D. thesis (1986). It is on Using Auxiliary Theory in Operationalization. This sounds a bit philosophical, and it is, but I also used Lisrel and Rasch modeling. Unfortunately for most of you out there, it is in Dutch.

pic of multilevel book My main research interests are survey methodology and data quality, and the analysis of complex data with multilevel and structural models. I have written an introductory book about multilevel analysis, which was published locally. That one is in English. It is also out of print, which means you can now download it from the publications section of this homepage. An updated and much expanded version is 'under construction,' and I expect that to come out in 2002.

Last updated: August 27, 2001.

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